BBClone - A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids
.: Changelog :.

  • Fixed "array to string conversion" error in bbc_fix_title() (Olliver)
  • Fixed warning on first run of the counter due to a missing check (Olliver)
  • Fixed paths in language selection (html.php) (Olliver)
  • Added missing checks for local referrers in bbc_filter_ref() (Olliver)
  • Added "b" flag to read/write operations to prevent Windows from opening files in Asci mode (Olliver)
  • Fancy icons and mouseover effects for navigation bar (Martin Halachev)
  • HTML workarounds for Opera (Martin Halachev)
  • Major rework of the HTML output (Olliver)
  • Some code cleanups (Olliver)
  • Use HTML entities for all iso-8859-15 languages (Olliver)
  • Updated Bulgarian translation (Martin Halachev)
  • Updated Czech translation (Pavel Trefil)
  • Updated Danish translation (Nanna Ellegaard)
  • Icon updates and fixes (Olliver)
  • Updated ip2ext database (Olliver)

  • Fixed bbc_ftok() calculating unexpected values and possibly causing problems on some Unix flavors (Olliver)
  • Updated Japanese translation (Katsunori Shiota)
  • Updated Italian translation (Olliver)
  • Dave Higgins joined the BBClone team :-) (Olliver)

  • Fixed notice in io.php if ignored clients visit the site (Olliver)
  • Fixed upgrade code for old BBClone versions (Olliver)
  • Fixed missing encoding handler for Slovak (Olliver)
  • Reverted ip2ext lookup scheme to pre 0.4.4 behavior (Olliver)
  • Indicate and count ignored referrers in both detailed and global stats (Olliver)
  • Decode HTML entities first in bbc_clean() to prevent messy page titles (Olliver)
  • Added last visited page and search query as new columns in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • Added fix for page titles that got messed up with htmlentities (Olliver)
  • Added handler in case a code snippet only returns empty page titles (Olliver)
  • Check PHP features with extension_loaded() for performance reasons (Olliver)
  • Improved search string detection (Olliver)
  • Fixed Centrum detection and added Seznam (both Czech bots) (Olliver)
  • Updated Livedoor detection to omit version numbers (Olliver)
  • Added Slovak translation (Zdeno Sekerak)
  • Updated Swedish translation (Daniel Bergman)
  • Lowered the minimum length of search expressions from 3 to 2 characters (Olliver)
  • A lot of code cleanups in various files (Olliver)
  • s/Slovenian/Slovene/g ;-) (Olliver)
  • Documentation: configuration options as separate file (Olliver)
  • Major ip2ext update with 60% more data than any previous release (Olliver)

  • Fixed warning due to a broken regexp in robot.php (Olliver)
  • Fixed and Simpy detection (Olliver)
  • Do not use strtolower with UTF-8 as custom charset (Olliver)
  • Made code in lib/charconv.php more appealing (Olliver)
  • Replaced some outdated flags (Olliver)
  • Added missing extensions (Olliver)
  • Updated German, Russian and Simplified Chinese translation (Olliver)
  • Updated Japanese translation (Katsunori Shiota)