BBClone - A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids
.: Changelog :.

  • Fixed broken referrers by Google's image search (Olliver)
  • Fixed ignored ip slips through if acting as/pretending to be a proxy server (Olliver)
  • Fixed recode function ignoring $BBC_CUSTOM_CHARSET (Olliver)
  • Fixed error in show_global.php and show_detailed.php when trying to print an error message about inaccessible files (Olliver)
  • Don't count characters over and over again in charconv.php (Olliver)
  • Don't execute bbc_filter_ref() when there's no referrer (Olliver)
  • $BBC_IGNORE_REFER fine tuning: if keyword starts with a slash, it will be compared with the referrers uri, else with its hostname (Olliver)
  • Try to use recode for keyword conversion if mbstring functions aren't available (Olliver)
  • Prefer iconv for keyword conversion if applicable (Olliver)
  • Merged with BBClone old and implemented a PHP version check (Olliver)
  • Display the exact amount of visits in bubbles (alternative text for images) in timestats (Olliver)
  • Updated Lithuanian translation (Vilius Simonaitis)
  • Rules and ip2ext fixes and updates (Olliver)

0.4.4 RC5
  • Fixed broken legacy extension detection, which always returned "unknown" (Olliver)
  • Fixed broken removal of non alphanumeric chararacters in keywords (Olliver)
  • Fixed malformed referrer hosts being counted (Olliver)
  • Fixed a few bots which changed their user agent recently (Olliver)
  • Don't look up extensions unless there's a new connection (Olliver)
  • Merged with BBClone-sem and BBClone-dio and created $BBC_USE_LOCK for specifying the favorite locking mode (Olliver)
  • Wrote an ftok() emulation so SysV Semaphores can be used as flock() substitute on php < 4.2.0 as well (Olliver)
  • Replaced $BBC_NO_STRING with a really talkative debug mode ($BBC_DEBUG) (Olliver)
  • ip2ext fixes and update (as usual) (Olliver)

0.4.4 RC4
  • Fixed broken special characters and umlauts in search engine keywords (Olliver)
  • Fixed detection rules unnecessarily included twice (Olliver)
  • Fixed server added as external referrer under certain circumstances (Olliver)
  • Fixed broken paths in page ranking with ORIG_* headers (Olliver)
  • Fixed missing check for the presence of referrer.php (Olliver)
  • Fixed cache results listed as keyword if the cache id contains a dash (Olliver)
  • Don't look up hostnames unless there's actually a new unique visitor (Olliver)
  • Added support for Japanese and Cyrillic charset detection and keywords conversion (Olliver)
  • Don't take the client address of a transparent proxy if it doesn't match up against a country (Olliver)
  • Look up each address in our ip2ext database unless we don't have an entry (Olliver)
  • Moved bbc_clean() of the marker class to io.php (Olliver)
  • Added lib/charconv.php which converts the keywords into appropriate encodings (Olliver)
  • Added charset switch for customised translations (ie. UTF-8 versions) (Olliver)
  • Extended $BBC_PURGE_SINGLE to clean up single keyword entries as well (Olliver)
  • Treat Java and libwww as robot (Olliver)
  • Ip2ext database updates and fixes (Olliver)
  • Browser, OS and robots updates (Olliver)

0.4.4 RC3
  • Fixed unescaped characters in urlencoded strings messing up the stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed stylesheets printed as text in ancient browsers (Anybrowser check) (Olliver)
  • Remove referrers from robots because of its excessive abuse (Olliver)
  • Updated ip2ext database and fixed some inconsistencies (Olliver)

0.4.4 RC2
  • Reverted UTF-8 conversion due to compatibility issues (Olliver)
  • Removed keyword conversion code due to compatibility issues (Olliver)
  • Fixed some detection rules (Olliver)
  • Fixed some ranges in ip2ext database (Olliver)