BBClone - A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids
.: Changelog :.

0.4.2 RC4
  • Fixed random phantom connections appearing in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed randomly b0rked visits in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • A couple of new detection patterns (Olliver)

0.4.2 RC3
  • Don't turn integers to strings in access.php and last.php (Olliver)
  • Empty last stats if $BBC_MAXVISIBLE is <= 0 (Olliver)
  • Print error message if var/ directory is read-only on Windows systems (Olliver)
  • Cleaned up some messy code (Olliver)
  • Updated Bulgarian translation (Martin Halachev)
  • Updated the ip2ext database (Olliver)
  • Updated documentation (Olliver)

0.4.2 RC2
  • Fixed broken unique counting in global stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed broken extension counting (Olliver)
  • Fixed missing sanity check for $last['traffic'] in show_views.php (Olliver)
  • Fixed "headers sent by" warning if stats are reset with $BBC_NO_STRING activated (Olliver)
  • Separated detection by rules from updating global stats (Olliver)
  • Leave out the complete robots <td> if no robots are desired (Olliver)
  • Updated the ip2ext database (Olliver)
  • More code cleanups in mark_page.php (Olliver)

0.4.2 RC1
  • Fixed several wrong entries in ip2ext database and added new ranges (Olliver)
  • Fixed wrong value for $BBC_LANGUAGE in show_config.php (Olliver)
  • Fixed lockfile being indicated as directory on error (Olliver)
  • Fixed rare bug with multiple ip addresses (Olliver)
  • Don't use foreach for huge arrays (it wastes a lot of memory) (Olliver)
  • Don't include detection rules in global namespace (Olliver)
  • Define true fontsize in config instead of setting arbitrarily defined integers (Olliver)
  • Added option to completely ignore robots (Olliver)
  • Added "last reset" display (Olliver)
  • Html lib as class in order to reduce global variables pollution (Olliver)
  • Page stats as own function in log_processor.php (Olliver)
  • Cleaned up messy code in mark_page.php (Olliver)
  • New ip2ext database format with up to 30% smaller files (Olliver)
  • Added 198.18/15 to the exclusion list (RFC 2544) (Olliver)
  • Re-introduction of IP swapping (based on the proxy type in use) (Olliver)
  • Updated Dutch translation (Matthijs)
  • Updated Japanese translation (Katsunori Shiota)
  • Removed the "v" in all BBClone version strings (Olliver)