BBClone - A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids
.: Changelog :.

  • Fixed inconsistency in database and added new ranges (Olliver)
  • Fixed updating of time in after changing timezone in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed some broken detection patterns (Olliver)
  • Fixed wrong calculation of hours in visit stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed exclusion pattern for test nets (192.0.2/24) (Olliver)
  • Fixed variable name conflict with TikiWiki (Olliver)
  • Fixed function name conflict with a phpBB extension (Olliver)
  • Truncate page titles if > 60 characters (Olliver)
  • Take the first address in proxy chains instead of the last one (Olliver)
  • Don't swap the ip because it's unreliable (Olliver)
  • Added switch to clean up one time hosts and referrers on demand (Olliver)
  • Added missing explanation for referrer column in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • Updated German translation (Olliver)
  • Updated Italian translation (Daniele Raffo)
  • Updated Russian translation (Vladislav Korotkov)
  • Added more common bots and browsers (Olliver)
  • Shortened the GPL license header (Olliver)
  • Documentation update (Olliver)

  • Fixed incorrect visit length in visit stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed reverse proxy address being displayed as visitor (regression) (Olliver)
  • Fixed a couple of detection rules which have been broken for ages (Olliver)
  • Display the connection age just like in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • If there's a proxy chain take the last address from the list (Olliver)
  • Moved bbc_plot() to show_time.php because it's only used in the time stats (Olliver)
  • Upgraded to XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliance (Olliver)
  • Make html output look consistant on each page (Olliver)
  • Row generation of detailed stats as own function (Olliver)
  • Major update of our ip2ext database (Olliver)

  • Removed $BBC_VIEW_LIM because it has become obsolete with the usage of
  • $BBC_MAXVISIBLE (Olliver)
  • Code cleanups (Olliver)
  • Documentation updates (Olliver)
  • Updated bots and browsers (Olliver)
  • Updated Dutch translation (Matthijs)
  • Updated Japanese translation (Katsunori Shiota)
  • Updated Russian translation (Vladislav Korotkov)